Monday, July 21, 2014

Using the SkyEye RUNWAY to edit and upload film.

Using the SkyEye Sports RUNWAY (Desktop Application) makes importing, uploading, editing, and highlight reel creation fast and easy! The RUNWAY can be downloaded from our site and as always is free for your use.

After downloading and installing the desktop application, when you open the program you will be asked to login as you would on the SkyEye website with the same login information you would normally use.

You will see this screen after logging in:

From here you can import your film, cut and edit your film, upload, and create highlights from your film.

Importing Film:

To import your film either choose “Import DVD” or “Import File,” Clicking the DVD option will save and import film from a DVD that has been inserted into the drive. Clicking the File option opens up your file explorer so you can pick and choose which film you want to upload that has been saved on the computer itself.

After selecting your file(s) you have the option to trim each film down to save space and to make your film sessions more efficient. Simply click the Scissor” icon to the right of each clip to trim the film.

Once the film is how you want it, you click “Upload to Site” in the top right corner of the RUNWAY application.

You will then be asked to name the folder you want the film in, what the date is, what type of film it is, and the angle of the film.

Click “Upload” and you’re done!

Cutting Film:

An imported File or DVD can be cut automatically by our software, saving you time. After selecting the files for import, you will receive this message asking you if you want to trim and edit your film manually or let our system do it for you:

Cutting manually: To cut manually you simply click the “Scissor” icon that we talked about earlier (pictured above), and then you will be directed to the film cutting area. Once in the cutting area you can use the software tools provided to edit your film.

Simply click “IN” to start the film and “OUT” to stop it. Do this until all your film is trimmed the way you want it. Click “Add to List” at the bottom. Be sure to delete the original file out of the working area when all of your clips are completed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Creating Playbooks and How to Use Them

Creating Playbooks and How to Use Them

SkyEye Sports offers the ability to create, save, and edit digital playbooks to go along with your game film. Playbooks are directly linked to the tagging area. Each formation and play from your playbook can be tagged for each individual play.

Playbooks are also printable, meaning quick and easy distribution of plays to your team or scout team!

How To:
1. You can create and edit your playbook by clicking “Playbook” on the Secured Page of your team site.

2. After clicking into the Playbook, you are going to be given options of what Playbook you want to work with. In football, you will get 'Offensive,’ ‘Defensive,’ and ‘Special Teams.’ In all other sports, you will not get Special Teams (obviously).

3. Once you choose which team you want to work with, you will be given a page with all of your
formations and plays. To add a new formation click “Add New” beside formation (red). To add a new play to the formation click “Add New” under the Play List (green). You can also view each play in a formation by clicking “View All” (blue).  You can also navigate to other sides of the ball as well (yellow). You can get a printable list of all of your formations and plays by clicking “Play List” (purple).

4. Add a new formation: Add a title, then add the drawing of the formation. This is optional. In order to use in tagging area, you have to input the title, not the drawing. You can also come back and edit it later! Make sure to click “Save.”

Add a formation name and name the play, top right of the picture above.

What do the buttons add to the diagram?
1. Squares  2. Circles  3. Straight Lines  4. Free Flow Drawing  5. Text  6. Routes with Arrow  7. Blocking  8. Color Change  9. Undo

5. Add a new play: You will notice, once you click “Add New” for a play, the picture that comes up will automatically have the formation you have input earlier. You can still edit it and add anything you want to it. Like change where players are, input an opponent, and draw player’s assignments. Insert the play’s name, then make or draw any enhancements to the play, make sure to click “Save.”

Playbook Linked to Tagging Area: Your playbook is linked to the tagging area. If you do not want to use it, you can use the gear box and hide the column. Each playbook “Formation” is linked to the corresponding selection in the “O/D/ST” column. Each “Play Call” is linked to the “Formation” column.

Create Highlight Reels with Animations for Better Quality Highlights!

Create Highlight Reels with Animations for Better Quality Highlights!

**The following is to be done in the SkyEye RUNWAY Desktop Application**

Cutting your film for editing: To cut a game film manually into clips, or highlights, you will need to click the scissor icon after importing the file. You can use this area to either cut film or trim film. What is the difference? Cut Film is the ability to cut a full length game film into individual clips or plays for your Highlight Reel. Trimming Film is simply the ability to trim a clip to make it smaller (take out the wasted space) so you can fit more plays on your Highlight Reel.
Once in the Cut Film area, you can begin using all the tools available to you. To begin cutting a film, you can either hit the play button, or the IN button. Once the IN button is clicked it will begin a clip (play). As soon as you hit the OUT button, it will create the clip on the clip list below the screen. If you already have individual plays and you want to make them smaller, simply click IN when you want the clip to start and OUT when you want it to end. This way you can trim any unwanted space on the clip. You will do this for each play during the game that you want to for your Highlight Reel. Once you complete each clip, you will click “Add To List” at the bottom. Once you have all of your clips/plays created, you need to delete the original file out of the working area.

Building Your Highlight Reels

Step 1 - The first step will be select the clips you want to use and  ‘drag and drop’ your clips to the timeline in the order you want them. You may reorder the clips by simply ‘drag and dropping’ them in the correct order. To ‘drag and drop’ all you have to do is click the clip and drag it where you want it to go. You can preview each clip by clicking the play button. If you would like to delete a clip, right click and select ‘delete.’

Step 2 - Once you have your clips in order you can create a title screen on the highlight by clicking “Add Title Screen.” You will be able to upload a picture and any information you would like to start off your Highlight Reel.

Step 3 - Once your title page is created, you can begin inserting your graphic overlays to each clip. The graphic overlay area is on the right side of the video. You can choose to point out a player with different arrows, circle players, or add text into the video. You can also select different colors for the overlays. Once selected, you can choose to ‘Put in Motion’ or ‘Apply Fade in Effect.’

If you would like to preview the clip, click the play/pause button.
Apply Fade in Effect - Applying a fade in effect makes the graphic overlay come in while the video is paused for a few seconds. Once the overlay is seen, the video resumes, and the overlay disappears. You can place the overlay at the beginning of the video, or right before the BIG play is about to happen!

Step 4 - Once you have your overlays in place you can input music by clicking the music tab.

Reminder on Music: SKYEYE SPORTS does not accept any responsibility for music that is uploaded with your personal Highlight Reels. If it is found that you do not have the rights to your music, or if your music is classified as vulgar by us, we have the ability to remove your reel from the site. In other words, keep it clean.

Step 5 - Once you have your graphic and music overlays you can preview your reel. To preview the entire reel, click ‘Play full timeline’ on the right of the timeline and then click ‘Play/Pause.’ To preview individual clips, click the clip and click ‘Play/Pause.”

Step 6 - UPLOAD IT! Once you feel good about your reel, click ‘upload to site’ at the top right of your page. Once the clip is uploaded it can be found on your profile page.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Intercutting Video can make your film sessions more efficient and effective!


Intercutting Video can make your film sessions more efficient and effective!

SkyEye Sports is here to assist you as a coach in multiple ways. Our video software looks to offer many conveniences, one of which is the ability to easily intercut game film! Do you have two camera angles that you use regularly? Intercutting allows you to easily put these two angles together on the same game tape for easy study. And as always, the service is FREE!

All you do is:

1. Upload your game films by clicking “Upload Film” on the Secured page.
2. You have two ways to upload film, online through the site or through our desktop application that can be downloaded from the site. Note: When uploading through the site and not the desktop app, your file formats must be .MP4 or .WMV; the desktop app (RUNWAY) allows more file types to be uploaded and also compresses the video size to save your video space.
3. Uploading...
Uploading through the site: Just click “Upload Film” on the right hand side of the page. On the upload page you may now select the files you wish to upload and click upload! This allows you to separately upload your films or upload them all at once. Then after uploading save the name of the folder, date recorded, what kind of film, and the angle of the tape and click Save!
Uploading through the desktop app (RUNWAY): After downloading the RUNWAY, open and run the program. You will see on the left side three options: Import File, Import DVD, and Download File From Site. Use one of the Import options (if already saved on the computer, use Import File; if on a DVD, use Import DVD) and select your files. This allows you to separately upload your films or upload them all at once. Then after you have selected your files, click “Upload To Site” in the top right corner of the RUNWAY program and save the name of the folder, date recorded, what kind of film, and the angle of the tape and click Upload!
*Example of how the save/upload box will look just before saving/uploading to the site
4. Click the “Intercut Video” button that is beside the “Upload Film” button.
5. After you click “Intercut Video” you will be asked to select the folders of film you want to use and intercut. For example if you upload the two angels in two different folders, select those two folders and you will be directed to the Intercutting Page to put them side by side.
5. If the cameramen did a good job with the sync then the film should be ready to go, just click “Save.” You’ll know you are ready to save if you have the same number of plays for each video.
6. If your cameraman missed an angle or clip, you can simply add a “filler” to take the space of the missing clip, the video will then continue to run the rest of the game tape with no issue.
7. After your video is synced up, just click “Save” and you will then be asked to categorize the film as Game, Practice, or Opponent and then asked to name the folder. And you’re done!
*Example of the Intercutting Page, save is in the top right corner. You add your fillers in the areas below the video to get your tape synced and the software does the rest!

A Few Tips!

  • Have your cameramen use a defined schedule on when to start and stop filming. For example, start running the game film when players break the huddle and stop when the referee is handed the ball after every play. This means not having to use fillers when intercutting and makes for effortless film creation.

  • Saving two angles of a single game in separate folders makes intercutting much easier! If your angles are in different folders when selecting which films to put together you can simply pick those folders and the software will do the rest!

  • Teach your managers and cameramen how to use the site and what it can do, OR WE CAN! We offer live demo sessions weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

  • Players can also put highlight clips from the team page on their page, so editing your film with SkyEye also gives depth and exposure to your player’s profile pages! All for Free!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trading Film - Even with HUDL Users

Trading film with your opponents is a key aspect to success during the season. This enables you to scout and look at the tendencies of your opponent. When trading film you can do so very easily from your Secured Page on SkyEye Sports. You can even trade film with other teams that have HUDL. All they have to do is create a school account like you did when you registered. If they have any questions that you cannot answer, feel free to contact us through our support line at 1-800-937-5920

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cutting and Tagging Film After Importing Film and Uploading To Site

Many of you have uploaded film and now it is time to take the next step. After importing your film and uploading it to your Secured Page, you want to cut that film and then eventually tag it. As a reminder, you can upload your film through either the website or through the RUNWAY Desktop Application. If you follow the "HOW TO" section on the webpage, each specific section can walk you through both cutting and tagging your film. I have highlighted those sections below in the pictures, but first I want to point out some advantages of both cutting and tagging film on SkyEye Sports.

Cutting Film

- Cut your large file into individual plays
- Players can take their plays and put them on their player profile page
- Use individual clips to create Highlight Films in RUNWAY

Tagging Film

- Track Down and Distance, Offense/Defense/Special Teams and anything else you want to tag
- Use Tagging to track stats for Player and Team Reports
- Separate plays when incorporating with your Playbook

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RUNWAY Updates

Here at SkyEye Sports we are always seeking to make what you do easier. Just wanted to update everyone on the newest update to RUNWAY, our desktop application. Now after you import your film to RUNWAY, whether it be from camera, DVD, your computer or a flash drive, uploading your film to your secured page on the site is easier and faster than before. Now instead of transcoding all of your film first and then uploading the clips to the site, everything is done simultaneously. This will save you time and allow your film to be ready faster on the website so you can start tagging, cutting and trading your film right away.